Tony Martin

Tony has over 30 years experience of running international specialist staffing companies...

Joost Kreulen
Chief Executive Officer

Joost has 28 years experience of working in the staffing sector. He has been with Empresaria since 2009. He was initially responsible for its Asian operations and more recently also for a number of its UK based businesses...

Spencer Wreford
Group Finance Director

Spencer has nearly 15 years' experience in senior finance roles, particularly with international businesses in the services sector...

Penny Freer
Non-Executive Director

Penny has worked in investment banking for over 25 years. She is a partner of London Bridge Capital, a corporate finance advisory firm.

Zach Miles
Non-Executive Director

Zach has 29 years experience working in the staffing sector, as a Finance Director, CEO and Chairman. Before joining Empresaria Zach held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vedior N.V.

James Chapman
Head of Legal and Company Secretary

James is a solicitor and heads up the group legal department. He joined Empresaria in 2009 and was appointed Company Secretary in June 2015.
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