Being part of the Group

The Empresaria philosophy of management equity provides entrepreneurial managers the framework and support to grow their businesses. We operate a highly decentralised structure, with a small head office team focussed on strategy, financial reporting and corporate governance. This both requires and encourages brand management to take operational responsibility for their businesses and gives them autonomy to take decisions and react to changes in their local markets. This attracts managers who want to have the ability to hold an equity stake in their business whilst having the security of being part of a larger group, so providing:

  • Operational freedom and commercial autonomy to run their business, within a framework of central financial controls and reporting requirements and sound corporate governance.
  • Support and advice from the Board and other Group companies on strategy and business developments.
  • Improved access to finance to fund and accelerate the organic growth of their business.
  • Clear valuation mechanism for their shares if they wish to leave the business.

The Group focus is on developing strong specialist brands which are encouraged to grow their businesses organically by securing their existing market position and expanding into new geographies.

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