Multi-branded business model

Our business model sets us apart from the rest of the staffing industry.

Multi-branded model

We target different segments of the market with different brands. Each brand has in-depth knowledge and expertise in their specific market, enabling them to help their clients and candidates to make the best matches. We think candidates and clients want to deal with experts who understand their industry and can advise both on the best match of experience, skills and job requirements.

Management Equity philosophy

The Group applies a philosophy of management equity to align the interests of shareholders and key management through the sharing of risk and reward, with operating company management teams owning shares directly in their own businesses. This helps attract and then retain ambitious and talented managers. Our decentralised structure and entrepreneurial culture enables managers to run their businesses effectively, reacting to local opportunities but also benefitting from being part of a global organisation and the support and advice this provides.

Focus on Growth Markets

We target businesses that operate in growth regions and sectors. We have a good spread across both established and emerging staffing markets and across different industry sectors. By having a balanced and diversified spread of operations across different markets we are not reliant on any single market and can mitigate the impacts of a slow-down in any particular market.

Operational bias towards temporary recruitment

Providing ongoing temporary and contract recruitment services develops long-term client relationships and helps financial planning through more predictable earnings. Temporary staffing is generally more stable throughout the economic cycle and provides clients and candidates with the flexibility to organise their business and careers.

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