Our vision is to be a leading international, specialist staffing group. Our purpose is to help people to realise their potential. We will achieve this by continuously developing our staff and in turn delivering a quality service to our clients and candidates.

Strategic Focus

The Group's strategy to deliver to the Vision is focused on the following areas:

  • Develop leading specialist brands within our sector expertise. Each brand should have sufficient scale and deliver significant profit to the Group.

    The sectors we operate in are international and have good long term growth prospects and we plan to increase our footprint in them.

    Retain operational mix: professional and specialist job roles. The margins are highest in these roles and our tailored service from market experts adds the most value to clients and candidates.

  • Maintain diversification and balance by geography and sector. This reduces the reliance on any particular country or industry so minimises the impact from market fluctuations or other external factors.
  • Increase footprint in key economic centres. In the countries in which we operate we focus

    on economic centres which have the highest concentration of business and so the

    greatest need for recruitment services. Focusing

    on key economic centres ensures that we get the best return on our investment,

    and the key cities in a country typically have higher growth rates than

    national average.

    We have access to both established mature markets and high growth emerging


  • Develop a solid financial foundation. Having a solid financial foundation is key to the long-term sustainability of the Group.
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