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How recruitment companies can benefit from offshore services

01 May 2018 by Erin Smyth
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Amit Somaiya, CEO of IMS People, an Empresaria Group company, features in the 'Global Recruiter April 2018' magazine to explain how recruitment companies can offshore services.

A copy of the full report can be found on the Global Recruiter website.

"Offshore working in the recruitment industry is now a permanent feature. Forward thinking staffing companies see adopting an offshore working model as a way of focusing their resources and time on their core activities. It allows for lower operating costs and increased productivity and efficiency. In addition, process improvements and expanded talent pools enable job orders to be filled faster.

It is certainly a lengthy, time consuming and expensive process to establish an offshore office and therefore so many staffing firms see outsourcing these tasks to an experienced partner with existing operations as a better solution. By working with an established offshore recruitment services partner, you can avoid the long planning process or upfront investments. They allow you to secure quicker returns whilst allowing you to maintain full operational control. With their established state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, they work as a virtual extension of your office providing 24/7 services and with the best breed of recruiters.

While it may be great to set up your own centre, the risks, time and cost investment will soon outweigh the gain. The right partner can easily become a branch of your business in an overseas location allowing you to gain out of the partnership with minimum risks."