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Spotlight: Offshore Recruitment Services

27 January 2021
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​Back in March of 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses around the world were asked to transform their workforces by asking employees to work from home. India included, Empresaria’s outsourced services brand, IMS Group, proved to be both agile and exceptional in their transformation.  

IMS has a workforce of nearly 1,000 employees, so the transition to working from home was never going to easy, but with the commitment of employees and the talent of managers, IMS were able to make a great success of the unprecedented circumstances.  

While many companies have struggled to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in their workforce while working remotely, IMS believe that they have become more productive. Throughout the transition, they broke through barriers to reach new heights, and credit their successes to the following best practices:

1.     Trust and Transparency

IMS trusted their team members to fulfill their responsibilities while working flexible hours from home. This not only allowed staff to work around other commitments, such as childcare, but also resulted in many employees voluntarily extending their hours to complete work in a faster time frame than before. IMS Group also promoted top performers to active leaders, trusting them to assist in breaking down teams into smaller, more easily manageable units.

Transparency built normalcy at IMS Group. Each week, teams held performance reviews on each individual and team project. Team members had visibility to all call stats and production numbers across the team. Additionally, every Friday there were team huddles using video conferencing updating the group on achievements they reached throughout the week. Building transparency while working from home contributed to the increase in productivity and allowed employees to celebrate their successes.


2.     Communication and Support 

Since the switch to working from home, IMS leaders encouraged more collaboration between team members. Each team at IMS would have three daily calls; in the morning, afternoon and at the end of the day. With the communication being less e-mail oriented and more video conference oriented, there was less room for miscommunication, which could harm productivity. In addition to daily team meetings, each team member and manager would have a one-on-one catch-up video call, ensuring that managers were timely involved to give guidance and problems could be solved swiftly.

The leaders that managed the transition and adjustment to working from home showed incredible compassion and patience. Leaders monitored daily activities to track progress and to reach out to members that seemed like they needed assistance. Managers supported employees within and outside of work-related discussions and inspired teams with a vision to improve their productivity.


3.     Culture and Control

The core focus at IMS shifted from the amount of time spent working, to the outcome and quality of work. Immediately after shifting concentration, the IMS teams saw a huge increase in productivity. Staff were encouraged to focus on what they could control, rather than aspects out of their control, through collaborative discussions. With the new culture set to working from home and with flexible hours, connectivity with candidates also improved greatly as recruiters were now able to schedule calls outside of normal working hours.


4.     Engagement and Wellbeing

IMS Group expanded its employee engagement and wellbeing activities to keep the staff healthy, engaged and self-motivated. Each month IMS released a calendar filled with activities. Over the course of the lockdown, they hosted more than 40 activities and are still continuing to do so.

The programs that IMS Group created fell under three categories of employee engagement, talent development and employee assistance. Employee engagement events provided employees with fun activities to participate in during lockdown, talent development activities focused on upskilling employees while working from home, and the employee assistance programs assisted in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Overall, the engagement, development and assistance programs focused on staff wellbeing and on establishing a healthy work-life balance.

The managers at IMS Group have displayed exemplary leadership skills during and after the transition to working from home. Finding the new path to productivity took compassion and hard work. All of the employees at IMS Group joined together to better each other and the entire group.


About IMS Group 

IMS Group, a Global Workforce Solutions company, specializes in a range of flexible and comprehensive Workforce Solutions, including Property Preservation, Finance & Accounting and Recruitment Solutions. IMS Group is nationally and globally recognized by various organizations, institutions and analysts.

The newest addition to IMS Group is IMS Oneworld. IMS Oneworld, is focused on delivering Direct Sourcing and RPO solutions to enterprise clients as well as MSP/VMS providers that begin with the establishment of a Branded Talent Community solution. With a mission to build high-performing teams that deliver with velocity, IMS Oneworld is committed to transforming the talent value chain and helping clients realize =the full value of their workforce solutions.

IMS Group is listed as a ‘Dream Company to Work for’ and have received the prestigious IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 for three years running.  

Find out more, or contact IMS Group, here.