Relations with shareholders

Dialogue with major shareholders

The Directors seek to build on a mutual understanding of objectives between the Company and its shareholders through its Annual and Interim Reports, Trading updates, Annual General Meetings and by making annual and interim presentations to institutional investors.

Electronic copies of the Annual and Interim Reports and presentations are available here .

The Chief Executive Officer or Group Finance Director generally deal with questions from individual shareholders. The Non-executive Directors are given regular updates as to the views of institutional shareholders and will independently contact shareholders to obtain their views on the Company and sector. Through these processes the Board is kept abreast of key issues.

Constructive use of the Annual General Meeting

The Board, together with the Chairmen of the Audit and Remuneration committees, make themselves available to answer question from shareholders at the Company's Annual General Meeting. The Chairman gives a statement on the Group's performance during the year, together with a statement on current trading conditions.

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