Corporate social responsibility

Empresaria believes that corporate and social responsibility is an important part of the Group's culture and looks to adopt good practice in these areas. The Board gives due consideration to risks arising from social, environmental and ethical issues as part of its ongoing risk review process.

Social interaction

Empresaria'a business is all about finding people jobs and so helping them develop their careers. This is important to enable people to provide for themselves and their families and we aim to provide candidates with the best possible service. As a diversified international business, we recognise the importance of working in a culturally sensitive way with local communities and follow non-discriminatory employment policies. We encourage the employment of local nationals at all levels in the Group. Outside of the UK, 94% of staff working in the Group are local nationals.

Employees are selected and promoted on the basis of merit and ability, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

The Group recognises the need to provide a safe working environment for its staff and clients. Each office is responsible for ensuring that their business operates in compliance with Group policies and local health and safety legislation.

The Group operates an employee exchange programme, now in its fourth year, which allows staff to spend between a week and a month working in an office of another Group company in another country, to learn how their business operates and to swap ideas and best practice. So far five brands have participated in this programme, helping to incentivise and reward their staff.

The Group communicates with staff by providing regular group news through a quarterly newsletter. News is also made available on its intranet site which stores key Group policies and procedures.

The Group and senior management are supportive of staff working with their local communities and charitable concerns.


The Group actively promotes integrity in its dealings with employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers and the authorities of the countries in which it operates. Empresaria recognises that its reputation is a valuable asset gained over a long period.

The Group promotes high ethical standards in carrying on its business activities and has a Code of Conduct for dealing with gifts, hospitality, corruption, fraud and the use of inside information. All staff must comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which they operate.

The Group aims to provide a high-quality service to clients and candidates alike and seeks to build strong and lasting relationships with both parties. The Group ensures that advertising and public communications avoid untruths or overstatements. Empresaria builds relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and undertakes to pay suppliers on time and in accordance with agreed terms of business.

The Group builds relationships with candidates based on trust and quality of service. It recognises that information about candidates is sensitive and confidential and must be kept securely and not disclosed without a candidate's permission.


Whilst it is recognised that the Group operates in a business sector that has a low environmental impact, the Group remains committed to minimising its impact on the environment. The Group is aware that this is an area of increasing importance to employees, shareholders and customers alike. The Group is not involved in the manufacture of any tangible products and has identified the principal areas of environmental impact as energy use, waste recycling, paper and printing and travel.

The Group encourages the recycling of office waste and waste paper and has seen a continued reduction in the use of printed materials around the Group by increasingly relying on electronic media for its primary marketing activity. Shareholders have also been asked to consent to the supply of information and documents through the Company website which will help reduce the amount of paper used in printing the annual report.

As an internationally diverse group we recognise that some travel is inevitable and necessary for the effective management of the business, however, full use is made of telephonic conference facilities and working from home to minimise this as far as is practical.

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