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Statement of Work

If your company is looking for cost-savings, Statement of Work (SOW) is the place to start.

An Empresaria SOW will capture the work products,services, work activities and deliverables to be supplied under the SOW project. We will have responsibility for the functionality of the SOW and deliver to the milestones and gateways.

In contrast to a typical Temporary or Contingent Work arrangement which are billed based on time worked,SOW agreements are usually billed based on afixed price deliverable or for hitting specific milestones.

Use the form here to arrange a free workforce consultation, together we can identify the areas in which you need tofocus and act on first. One of our expert Solutions Directors will make a detailed analysis of your current workforce and future goals. We deliver a full analytical report with recommendations on the vital steps needed to reach your goals and maximise the return on investment of your human capital.