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Empresaria is an international specialist staffing group following a multi-branded business model. Our strategy to be diversified and balanced across geographies and sectors, with a focus on high-growth markets. The Group is operating from locations in 21 countries. The Group is organised across four regions: UK, Continental Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas and operates across seven key sectors. We target a balanced and diversified spread of operations across our regions and sectors to minimise the dependence on any single market, so reducing the impact from market fluctuations and other external factors. We also target professional and specialist job levels where our brands can offer value added services to clients.

The Group applies a philosophy of management equity to align the interests of shareholders and key management through the sharing of risk and reward, with operating company management teams investing directly in their own businesses. There is a decentralised structure with local management retaining operational autonomy and central functions focussing on financial planning and control, Group development and administration.

Our business is providing recruitment services. Typically our fees are on a contingent basis, so fees are only earned when a vacancy is filled or service is provided. Overall we have a bias towards temporary recruitment, which is generally less volatile than permanent recruitment through the economic cycle. However in those countries where temporary recruitment does not exist or is marginal, we focus on permanent recruitment. This is primarily in the emerging staffing markets in the Asia Pacific region. We also have Offshore Recruitment Services which represents a range of different recruitment services provided to clients from an offshore centre.

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