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Tackling the Great Talent Paradox: A roadmap for hiring and retention success in 2023

25 January 2023 by Erin Smyth

​Despite looming economic uncertainty and the likelihood of recession in many economies, global job vacancies remain high with unemployment levels at historic lows. Employers are battling with not only finding the right talent for their organisation but retaining existing employees as attrition rates sore in many sectors.

We recently surveyed over 3,000 employees working across all sectors, and with a global geographical spread, to find out what is important to employees as we enter 2023. We wanted to uncover how employees are feeling about their world of work and what makes them stay or leave their employers.

A key theme of our findings was employee dissatisfaction. Our research revealed:

  • Almost half of respondents (48%) had changed jobs in 2022

  • The majority (51%) are already actively looking for their next role

  • Over a third (37%) are open to new opportunities

  • A staggering 88% aren’t happy in their current roles

From salary and benefits to flexible and remote working, from career development and upskilling to DEI and ESG, in our latest report we address the key themes and questions that will occupy the minds of HR and business leaders in 2023, including:

  1. How much truth is there in the phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’?

  2. How much time do employees want to spend in the office vs. at home?

  3. What are the secrets to success when it comes to talent attraction and retention?

  4. What should employers do to counter the scourge of stress and burnout?

  5. How can companies improve DEI outcomes and create more inclusive environments?

By dissecting our survey findings and unearthing what candidates want and the areas employers must focus on in 2023, we help our clients to remain competitive.

To read the full report, click here.