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Steve Bellamy

The Board delegates clearly defined powers to its three committees, whose members are appointed by the Board from the Independent Non-Executive Directors.



The Audit Committee meets formally at least twice a year and has an agenda linked to the Company's financial calendar. It monitors and reviews the integrity of the financial statements, oversees the relationship with the external auditor and oversees the internal control and risk management systems.


The Remuneration Committee meets formally at least twice a year to consider and make recommendations to the Board regarding the remuneration policy for the Executive Directors and Chairman. It monitors and reviews the level and structure of remuneration for senior management.


The Nomination Committee meets at least once a year to monitor and review the structure, size and composition of the Board. It considers succession planning and ensures the right skills and expertise are maintained by the Company for effective management. All members of the Board participate in the recruitment of members to the Board.


Steve Bellamy (Chair)
Zach Miles
Ranjit de Sousa

Zach Miles (Chair)

Steve Bellamy

Ranij de Sousa

Penny Freer (Chair)
Zach Miles
Steve Bellamy
Ranjit de Sousa

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Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Nomination Committee Terms of Reference