Business Model Empresaria Recruitment

Our Business Model

How we Create Value  

Our people focussed business model and global expertise sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to deliver on our strategy.


Multi-Branded with Focused Sector-Driven Approach 

The Group operates in six sectors,targeting different segments of the market with different brands. Each hasin-depth knowledge and expertise in theirspecific market.


Diversified by Geography and Sector

Our diversification across six sectors and 20 countries helps mitigate economic and political risks as well as provide opportunities to drive organic growth.


Empowered and Supported Leadership 

The Group empowers its leaders as they are the experts in the markets in which they operate. The staffing industry iscontinually evolving, and success cannot be achieved in isolation. The support structures we have put in place allow our businesses to maximise their potential for success.


Range of Staffing Services 

The Group has three main service lines: permanent recruitment; temporary and contract recruitment; and offshore recruitment services. We have a bias towards temporary and contract recruitment, which is generally more stable throughout the economic cycle.