Investment Case Empresaria Recruitment

Our Investment Case

Focused Strategy Aligned with our Shareholders 

Our strategy is focused on delivering organic growth, investing in our existing businesses and technology to drive synergies and profits across the Group. 


  • Aligned businesses in sectors 

  • Signed agreement with Bullhorn in 2019 to upgrade our front office technology 


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Diversified Business Model 

Empresaria is diversified by geography, sector and service creating an ability to offset risks and challenges in one area with opportunities and growth elsewhere. 


  • Permanent, Temporary and contract, and offshore recruitment services 

  • 20 countries 


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Offshore Recruitment Services

Our Offshore Recruitment Services sector is unique amongst our peers. We see great opportunity for growth both with external clients and through increased delivery to operations across the Group. 


  • Offshore Recruitment Services sector adjusted operating profit up 88% in 2019 


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Cash Generative Business 


Significant free cash flow generated each year allowing us to invest in the business and providing the ability to reduce our net debt. Progressive dividend policy. 

  • Free cash flow £4.8m (2018: £6.7m) 

  • Dividend up 10% to 2.2p 


Read or download our latest Annual Report. 


Track Record of Strong Profits 

Record levels of adjusted profit before tax delivered in 4 of the last 5 years. 


  • Record profits in 4 out of the last 5 years 


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